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*Accredited and non-accredited investors welcome. There are no minimum net worth and income requirements. However, if you are not accredited, you cannot invest more than 10% of the greater of your annual income or net worth. Open to both U.S. and non-U.S. investors.

About AHP 

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American Homeowner Preservation began in 2008 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting families facing foreclosure.

AHP discovered that many banks and loan servicers were unwilling to agree to positive resolutions. As a result, there were families that AHP couldn’t help through a nonprofit model.

To meet that challenge, in 2009 AHP evolved into a for-profit organization and eventually, in 2011, a hedge fund. That created the opportunity to buy mortgages outright and work directly with homeowners in need.

AHP offers a wide range of viable long-term solutions that have helped hundreds of families stay in their homes. By providing financially transformative solutions to homeowners, AHP helps keep neighborhoods intact while generating compelling financial returns for investors.

Today, American Homeowner Preservation continues to be deeply committed to socially responsible investing. We help families at risk stay in their homes and build stable communities that form the foundation of America.


Investors Get Their Share of Profits First...

Each month, after all expenses are paid, any distributions will be made in the following priority:

Pay Investors a return of up to 12% per year before we get any profits.

Return to Investors all of their invested capital before we get any profits.

We keep any remaining profits.


There is no guaranty that we will earn enough profit to distribute a 12% return to Investors, or even return their capital. Past Offerings by the same Managing Member (American Homeowner Preservation Management LLC) have paid 9-12% to Investors. Detail is available in the Offering Circular, which is also on the SEC's EDGAR website. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.