We're excited to announce that AHP Servicing's new Offering is now live! Invest Now!

How an AHP Offering Works


It's free to join and you can cancel anytime.


Invest $100 or more to get started.


Earn financial returns while helping families in need.

Invest in America's Families

We're investing money where it does the most good: American Communities.

We aren't just trying to stop foreclosures. We're helping
families, neighbors and communities succeed.

Your investment helps homeowners keep their homes,
so they can stay in neighborhoods and stabilize communities.

With AHP, you have the opportunity to earn a return
on your investment while making America stronger.

You invest $100
or more

With just $100, people can invest to help American families overcome foreclosure.

We buy distressed

We buy distressed mortgages at deep discounts, then directly work with homeowners to try to keep their homes.

You earn returns while
doing good*

Being socially responsible doesn't mean you can't grow your money, too.

What does our next offering include?

Competitive Returns

Best Efforts Liquidity

Advanced Security

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