26 Homeowner Resolutions Thanks to Shawn Tolu

Published on November 6th, 2015 by AHP Administrator

American Homeowner Preservation announced recently that the highest number of dispositions last month goes to asset manager Shawn Tolu. Shawn’s 26 mortgage resolutions, during the month of October starts a new single-month record for any asset manager.

The month of October featured by far the highest number of mortgage resolutions Shawn had ever achieved. Just the month before, Shawn helped 19 people stay in their homes, his second highest number.

“It’s a good feeling to know I am helping people stay in their homes as well as putting vacant homes back in service,” answered Shawn when asked his feelings about his achievement. “This is a huge problem in America and our company is making a huge difference, as well as creating profits for investors at the same time.”

Shawn hopes to one day land 50 mortgage resolutions, effectively helping 50 people stay in their homes! He says that what most motivates him to achieve his goal is the team that surrounds him and the frequent number of loans AHP buys.

“We buy loans at huge discounts and share these discounts with delinquent homeowners,” Shawn shared. “Not many mortgage companies out there help homeowners at the level we do.”

Shawn has worked with AHP for 2 years. In his 2 years as an asset manager, his responsibilities have included prompt resolutions of assets by interfacing with homeowners, servicers, agents and other stakeholders. Always seeking to make non-performing sets of mortgages become performing, he likens his work as an asset manager to owning his own business.

“Whether it’s selling houses or getting delinquent homeowners to modify their loans at discounts, it is like managing your own business,” Shawn said. “I have learned a tremendous amount over the last 2 years and still learning new things every day.”

Congratulations, Shawn!


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