AHP Employee Of The Month June 2014: Freddy Constante

Published on July 3rd, 2014 by AHP Administrator

May’s employee of the month Alison Lundberg hands off the trophy to June’s winner Freddy Constante

AHP is proud to announce that the winner of the June 2014 employee of the month award is Freddy Constante. Freddy was voted by his peers for his outstanding work in the role of Document Specialist and is currently transitioning into a new position as an Asset Manager. Freddy’s co-workers nominated him for this award based on some of the following criteria: exemplary individual achievement, commitment to quality in carrying out job responsibilities and positive attitude toward co-workers.

Started with AHP:
Freddy started with AHP as intern in April after earning a B.S. in Business Management from the University of Illinois-Chicago. He then became a full time employee as a Document Specialist before transitioning to Asset Manager.

What excited you the most about joining AHP?
“I saw a company that likes to help people, help homeowners, and that’s where I wanted to work. I wanted to get into in real estate, but I still wanted to work at a company that wants to help homeowners.”

Role at AHP:
“I was in charge of getting the documents recorded—deeds, assignments, stuff that is needed in order to get the properties into our name and be able to sell them later on.”

Quotes from co-workers:
“He steps up to build the team. Started out as an intern, then did a great job managing the document recording saving the company thousands of dollars. Now, he is taking on a deeper responsibility as an asset manager”

“Whenever I am overloaded with tasks Freddy has been willing to come sit at the front or make mailing labels or help with anything else that I might need at the time.”

Outside of AHP, Freddy enjoys going out with friends, listening to music and telling jokes.

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