AHP Helps Couple Struggling Through Unemployment To Avoid Foreclosure

Published on June 16th, 2014 by AHP Administrator

Like so many homeowners across the nation, unemployment left Ellen fighting to save her house from foreclosure. Ellen’s husband has lived in their home his entire life and the couple has lived there together since 1994. Twenty years later, the children they raised in this home have grown up and moved away. When Ellen lost her job, her husband, a 53-year-old mill operator, was left to manage the couple’s bills and living expenses. “I was having a hard time finding a job and thank God I found one now,” Ellen said “So things are starting to lift up, starting to get better. But everything was kind of on him.”

The couple struggled to make ends meet on a single income and the possibility of foreclosure was becoming more of a reality. “With me having a hard time finding a job, I was nervous that we might lose the house,” said Ellen. “We really didn’t want to lose it because the house has been in his family forever.”

The couple’s loan had been sold several times over the years, so when they received a letter in the mail saying that AHP had purchased the loan, Ellen was not surprised. Ellen said the modification offers from AHP were very helpful, and she was able to settle her delinquent interest and charges for $720 and drop her monthly payments from $564.83 to $250.

Ellen also spoke highly of her experience with AHP and the representative that worked with her specifically. “You guys didn’t throw us out when we didn’t have the money and treat us bad,” Ellen said. “Shawn (an AHP employee) really worked with us and I really appreciated that.”

Ellen is happy that she and her husband can move forward with this modification along with her new job and believes their lives will finally get back on track. “Things will probably get a little better for us now, now that I have a little more income coming in. I’m just trying to get all of my bills back right,” Ellen said. “That’s what we’re working on now, trying to get everything back right.”

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