AHP Helps Texas Family Fight Off Foreclosure To Keep Their Home

Published on August 14th, 2014 by AHP Administrator

April and her father’s Dallas home

When April was 13, her father purchased their Dallas home—24 years later they are still living there. Things have not always been easy for this Texas family, however, as they have been fighting off foreclosure for the past several years. April, who has worked in the mortgage industry for eleven years, and her father, a self employed truck driver, struggled to make their mortgage payments after delinquent taxes and insurance caused their payments to rise to an unmanageable amount.

April and her father tried for two years to work out a loan modification with their previous lender so that they could keep up with their payments. They found no relief from their previous lender and their delinquent payments threatened to force them from the home they’d been living in for nearly a quarter century.

Through real estate crowdfunding, AHP eventually purchased April and her father’s mortgage. AHP was able to work with April and her father in ways that the previous lender wasn’t during two years of back and forth. “With AHP, we received the modification paperwork, we completed it, sent it back and all of that was done within 30 days.” April said.

AHP was able to offer April and her father a deal that would allow them to settle over $31,000 in delinquent mortgage payments for $2,950. April and her father were unable to come up with the entire settlement payment right away, but they developed a plan to pay it off in several installments. Once the settlement is paid off, April and her father’s monthly mortgage payments will return to their normal amount of $353.86.

April was able to speak with AHP’s CEO Jorge Newbery directly to coordinate an affordable plan in making her payments. “It’s been nothing but a pleasure working with Jorge compared to the prior lender. Jorge actually offered us stability that any other lender wasn’t able to do,” April said. “He was able to get the payment back where it was and start over. It’s basically like you guys are in the business of saving homes, not foreclosing on homes.”

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