Alison Lundberg Is AHP’s Employee Of The Month For May 2014

Published on June 17th, 2014 by AHP Administrator

Alison Lundberg accepts AHP’s Employee of the Month award from April’s winner, Asset Manager Shawn Tolu

Business Development Director Alison Lundberg has been voted by her colleagues at AHP as the employee of the month for May 2014. Alison’s peers voted in accordance with some of the following criteria: exemplary individual achievement, positive attitude toward work responsibilities and her commitment to quality performance. As employee of the month, Alison will choose the office snacks for the month, be in charge of the office music, and will decide where AHP will have its monthly luncheon.

Started with AHP:

Alison has been with AHP since February 2013 after graduating from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago where she double majored in Urban ministries and Biblical Studies.

What excited you most when joining AHP?

“I liked the idea of being a positive influence in the community without having to fundraise, you know go church to church asking for money to do that, but really just being independent while still doing good.”

Role at AHP: 

Alison builds relationships with banks and other lenders, as well as brokers, in order to negotiate the purchase of mortgage loan pools.

Quotes from coworkers:

“Alison gets work done with a great attitude, making the office a fun place to be.”

“It is clear how hard Alison is working day in and day out to get pools ready. She is very knowledgeable over the phone and knows how to represent AHP in a very professional manner.”


Outside of AHP, Alison enjoys biking, jogging, watching movies and going to the beach.

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