American Homeowner Preservation Acquires 6.6MM of Non-Performing Mortgages

Published on July 6th, 2011 by Saeed Baeshen

American Homeowner Preservation LLC completed over $6,600,000 in non-performing mortgage and REO acquisitions in June, bringing year-to-date acquisitions to over $10,000,000.  AHP has utilized private investors to fund these acquisitions from both banks and hedge funds. By taking control of the mortgages or occupied REOs, AHP can craft solutions to keep families in their homes. Thus far, AHP has cut monthly payments by an average of almost 40% and provided options to families to repurchase their homes at prices averaging 63% less than their prior mortgage balances.

“Each family has a unique set of circumstances, dictating customized resolutions,” said AHP Director Jorge Newbery.  “Traditionally, government, banks and servicers have tried to apply one-size-fits all solutions to these millions of families, and the results have been disappointing for all. AHP approaches each family, asks them what they want and what they can afford, then concocts a solution which makes sense for the family, AHP and our investors.  AHP’s priority is what makes sense for the family, not what makes the most money for AHP or our investors.  We can provide fantastic solutions for struggling families and still generate strong returns for AHP investors. The two are not mutually exclusive.”

AHP’s most common fix is a short sale leaseback of the home to an investor who agrees to provide an affordable lease and favorable repurchase option to the family. AHP provides counseling during the five years lease term to maximize the likelihood that the family will qualify for financing to repurchase.  “I wasn’t able to pay my mortgage because I lost my warehouse job at a supermarket. The company closed after I worked there two years. AHP really does help people to not lose their homes,” said Antonio Diaz of Dallas, whose monthly payment dropped from over $800 to $461 and who can repurchase for $19,780 the home which previously secured his $59,850 mortgage.

Unlike many mortgage holders, AHP encourages non-arm’s length transactions.  One Indianapolis family owed over $100,000 on their mortgage. When AHP offered to have an investor buy the home for $22,000 and leaseback to the family, the homeowner proposed that his brother come up with the $22,000.  “My brother was able to buy my house and now I’m now renting from him. I wasn’t able to pay my mortgage because I lost my job after the company shut down. I was there for four years, then my interest rate increased and my lender wouldn’t let me do a loan modification. Now I paint houses but, unfortunately, there’s not a lot of work or money. Still, I can pay the rent that was set up with my brother and AHP. I’m very pleased how everything turned out,” said former homeowner turned renter Martin Jiminez.

In some cases,  AHP can cut principal and modify the loan. “I feel like this was an answer to my prayers. I work as an interventionist for Memphis City Schools during the school year, but these past summers I haven’t found a summer job. I ended up using all my savings and not being able to afford my home. The whole AHP staff was very instructional,” said Angela Johnson, whose $59,000 mortgage balance was reduced to $24,000 and $750 payment dropped to $400.

AHP has agreements to acquire over $19,700,000 in defaulted mortgages in July. “The banks and hedge funds selling these nonperforming mortgages want reliable buyers who close on time at fair prices. As we continue to perform, we are being offered larger and larger pools,” continued Newbery.  “We look forward  to keeping  more and more struggling families in their homes with realistic long-term solutions, while providing our investors the ability to earn favorable returns in a socially responsible manner.”

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