American Homeowner Preservation Helps Keep Veterans In Their Home

Published on August 8th, 2011 by Saeed Baeshen

This post is from the old AHP Blog. A recent update on these veterans can be found here.


AHP Keeps Veterans in their Home

“We came across AHP while out looking for a place to rent since our house was scheduled for sheriff’s sale. We had been working for months with a loan modification company. The only thing they did for us was take our money. We told our story to the landlord of a prospective rental home and he hooked us up with AHP. We can never thank him or AHP enough. AHP and Jorge Newbery went above and beyond to help us stay in our home. We now have the opportunity to purchase our home back in a few short years. My husband and I settled in our home after returning from military service overseas. Our children have grown up here and we have all established deep roots in the community. It would have been devastating to move. Thankfully, we no longer have to worry about that. We did plant our Blossoming Cherry tree that we promised our children if we stayed here. It is very beautiful and has blossomed for the first time this summer. I would tell others going through the same thing that we did to not give up. They should not allow their desperation to steer them in the direction of unscrupulous loan modification companies. AHP is the all that they say they are and then some. Thanks to the grace of God and AHP we are able to stay in our home and continue making memories.”

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