American Homeowner Preservation Recognizes Outstanding Employee Denisse Bays

Published on April 14th, 2011 by Saeed Baeshen

American Homeowner Preservation recognized the superior performance of Denisse Bays, recently promoted to Transaction Coordinator. Michelle Weadbrock, previously commended for fantastic service, handed off the AHP “Outstanding Employee” Cup to Mrs. Bays in a  brief ceremony. AHP offers a novel foreclosure prevention program designed to keep families at risk of foreclosure in their homes. AHP negotiates with existing lenders to approve short sales to investors, who provide affordable leases and favorable repurchase options to selling families. Families then receive counseling to prepare them to qualify for financing to repurchase within the 5-year option period.
AHP Employee Denisse Bays receives her trophy
“I really admire what is done here for families in need, and I’m definitely glad to be part of this team,” said Bays. “I am pleased to be recognized for my contribution to AHP.” Originally from Venezuela, Bays has lived in the Cincinnati area for three years. She resides in Kentucky and doesn’t mind braving the traffic every morning and afternoon to come to work, where she knows she is making a difference. After a long day at work she goes home to her husband and kids and likes to relax watching American Idol or occasionally going out to dance.
“Denisse rapidly builds rapport with AHP clients and has shown a great talent for helping solve families’ housing predicaments. She is detailed, focused and determined. Being bilingual has been particularly helpful, as AHP has a great deal of Spanish-speaking clients,” said AHP Director Jorge Newbery. “We are thrilled to have Denisse on AHP’s team.”
AHP employee Denisse Bays was promoted to Transaction Coordinator
Close to 140 families across the U.S. have found permanent solutions to their housing dilemmas through American Homeowner Preservation. Monthly housing payments are reduced by an average of 40% through AHP’s program. In addition, families can repurchase their homes at an average of less than half of their prior mortgage balances.  Interested families are encouraged to visit or call 800-555-1055 to learn more.

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