BBB: American Homeowner Preservation Gets an ‘A’

Published on April 12th, 2011 by Saeed Baeshen

CINCINNATI, OH – April 12, 2011 –

The Better Business Bureau recently gave foreclosure prevention company American Homeowner Preservation (AHP) an “A” rating. AHP provides a short sale leaseback program to families who owe more than their homes are worth.  When existing lenders approve, families are able to short sell and stay in their homes with lease payments averaging 40% less than prior mortgage payments. In addition, participants receive an option to repurchase their homes at amounts averaging 54% less than what was owed on their underwater mortgages

“Every family has a unique set of circumstances, dictating a customized resolution. Government, banks and servicers have tried to apply one-size-fits-all solutions to these millions of families, and the results have been miserable for all involved,” said American Homeowner Preservation Director Jorge Newbery. “The solutions offered to families are tailored as solutions for the banks and then are imposed on the families. The reverse is what works: find a solution for each individual family, and then try to make it work for the bank,” Newbery continued. “We are encouraged by the ‘A’ rating from the BBB.”

23% of all residential properties with a mortgage are underwater with an aggregate $750 Billion Dollars of negative equity, according to a March 2011 CoreLogic report. “The 11.1 Million homes at risk of foreclosure could result in the largest displacement of American families in history,” said AHP’s Michelle Weadbrock. “Our goal is to keep these families in their homes with affordable leases and favorable options.”

AHP does not charge fees to homeowners. Families seeking assistance are encouraged to contact AHP at (800) 555-1055 or

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