Cancer Victim’s Mother Steps Up, Now It’s AHP’s Turn

Published on March 7th, 2014 by AHP Administrator

One might say the past four years of Beth’s life have been trying. However she’d be quick to reassure you, she’s been blessed. The 69-year-old insists, “You gotta struggle a little to get to better places.” When her adult daughter Liza was diagnosed with cancer in 2010, Beth became her primary caregiver. She expended all her funds to help with medical expenses and began to help raise her teenage grandson, Corey. Beth’s struggles were more concerning because, after being a nurse for thirty years, her current income was from Social Security. Additionally, her daughter’s husband was unwilling to assist through these times.  When her daughter passed later that year, Beth turned her efforts to helping her grandson, who is now entering college.

However, the  money she had put into her daughter’s medical bills and care for her grandson, made her mortgage payments difficult. She explains, “At first, I was able to make the payments on time, no problem… then when I started helping my family, it got to be too much.” Beth’s situation is not uncommon; she is one of millions of Americans struggling to balance monthly mortgages and the financial responsibilities of everyday life.  Luckily for Beth, a solution came in time.  She contacted American Homeowner Preservation  just days before her home was scheduled to be auctioned on March 4th, 2014. AHP agreed to settle $27,600 in delinquent payments for $2,000,  bringing her up to date and allowing her to rest easy before her first monthly payment in April. In order to ensure her home remains affordable, AHP dropped her monthly payments from $479 to $250. Finally, her principal balance of $63,171 can now be settled for $14,875. To make sure the sale was cancelled, Beth drove 45 miles to deliver the initial payment and sign the modification at the foreclosure attorney’s office. Beth considers saving her home a personal triumph. “I had been praying for a miracle, and you answered it!”


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