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*Accredited and non-accredited investors welcome. There are no minimum net worth and income requirements. However, if you are not accredited, you cannot invest more than 10% of the greater of your annual income or net worth. Open to both U.S. and non-U.S. investors.

Faces of AHP

  • Jorge Newbery
    Founder and CEO
  • Verria Kelly
    Chief Operations Officer

Jorge P. Newbery is on a mission to help Americans crushed by unaffordable debts.

Jorge P. Newbery is Founder and CEO of American Homeowner Preservation LLC, which crowdfunds the purchase of nonperforming mortgages from banks at big discounts, then shares the discounts with struggling homeowners. A 2004 natural disaster triggered the financial collapse of Newbery’s former business, leaving him with $26 million in debts he could not pay. Newbery rebuilt himself through AHP, sharing what he learned from his challenges to help families at risk of foreclosure stay in their homes.  

Verria manages day-to-day operations for AHP.

Verria began her career at AHP as a consultant in 2008 and has since become the lynchpin of the entire operation, overseeing day-to-day activities, overseeing the company’s website, and constantly working to streamline and coordinate the various moving parts that make AHP so successful.  Drawing on her experience in real estate management, Verria executes strategies to maintain portfolio properties and maximize returns for investors, while never losing sight of AHP’s ultimate social mission; she is passionate about quality affordable housing for all, no matter a family’s income level.

Verria comes from a background in property management, where she developed unique procedures to successfully manage affordable housing complexes throughout the Midwest and the South.  In addition, the fifteen years of marketing experience under her belt provide invaluable experience with outreach, investment, and branding.











AHP Timeline

2008 May

AHP opens office in Cincinnati, OH

2009 August

AHP transitions to for-profit, pioneers short sale lease - back as foreclosure remedy

2011 October

AHP moves to Chicago, Illinois

2013 October

AHP evolves intro online investment community to do well by doing good

2016 June

Using Regulaton A+, participation opens to non-accredited investors

2008 July

International Revenue Service awards AHP 501(c) 3 non-profit designation

2011 January

AHP buys first pool of non-performing mortgages

2011 November

AHP transitions structure to socially responsible hedge fund

2014 June

Established branch of national servicer in AHP's office

Investors Get Their Share of Profits First...

Each month, after all expenses are paid, any distributions will be made in the following priority:

Pay Investors a return of 12% per year before we get any profits.

Return to Investors all of their invested capital before we get any profits.

We keep any remaining profits.

*There is no guaranty that we will earn enough profit to distribute a 12% return to Investors, or even return their capital. Past Offerings by the same Managing Member (American Homeowner Preservation Management LLC) have paid 9-12% to Investors. Detail is available in the Offering Circular, which is also on the SEC's EDGAR website. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Start Investing

If you buy a mortgage and approach the homeowner with good will and a genuine desire to find a reasonable solution, it’s amazing how often something mutually beneficial can be worked out. Indeed, a company called American Homeowner Preservation is doing just that.

~ Felix Salmon, Reuters

Our society, our economy and other homeowners win from a reduced number of foreclosures.

~ Martin Andelman, Mandelman Matters

Gives borrowers the solutions they need, not the ones that maximize profits for the company.

~ David Dayen, FDL

American Homeowner Preservation is hoping to demonstrate that they have better ideas to ameliorating the foreclosure disaster.

~ Joel Sucher, American Banker

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