Are investments liquid? What if I need to take my money out before my term is up?

Published on April 25th, 2017 by

We offer best-efforts liquidity. The actual terms vary depending on the offering in which you invested. Following is a general overview:


At any time after purchasing a Class A Interest, an Investor may request that the Managing Member purchase, or arrange for the purchase, of all or a portion of the Investor’s Class A Interest. Upon receipt of such a request, the Managing Member must use commercially reasonable efforts to arrange for the purchase, although there is no guaranty that the necessary funds will be available or that a buyer can be found. If the Managing Member is not able to purchase or arrange for the purchase of the Class A Interest, the Investor may either rescind or maintain the request.


In seeking to accommodate a request from an Investor, the Managing Member is not required to do any of the following: (i) purchase the Class A Interest for its own account; (ii) contribute money for the purchase; (iii) borrow money or dispose of assets; or (iv) take any other action the Managing Member believes would be adverse to the interests of the Company or its other Members.


If all or a portion of an Investor’s Class A Interest is purchased pursuant to the Investor’s request, the Investor’s rate of return may be reduced below the target preferred return. Since this varies by offering, please refer to the terms in the Offering Statement or call us at 866-AHP-TEAM to speak with one of our Investor Relations Specialists.


If more than one Investor asks the Managing Member to purchase or arrange for the purchase of a Class A Interest, the Managing Member will consider the requests in the order received.

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