How do I know if I am an accredited investor?

Published on April 25th, 2017 by AHP Administrator

Individuals are considered accredited investors by the SEC if they can prove at least $200,000 in income for the past two years ($300,000 if married), or over $1,000,000 in net worth.


Non-Accredited investors do not meet the income and net worth definitions of an Accredited Investor. Non-Accredited investors are individual investors which are limited in how much they can invest to no more than 10% of the greater of the person’s, alone or together with a spouse, annual income or net worth (excluding the value of the person’s primary residence and any loans secured by the residence (up to the value of the residence)).


Investment in AHP was only open to accredited investors until June 2016. Now anyone can invest as long as they can meet the $100 minimum.

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