What social impact can investors expect?

Published on April 25th, 2017 by

American Homeowner Preservation offers consensual solutions to every borrower. If borrowers want to stay in their homes, they will be offered modifications featuring affordable payments and discounted principal options. Alternately, if homes are vacant or families want to move, American Homeowner Preservation offers deficiency waivers and incentive payments to cooperate with deeds in lieu or short sales in order to put the homes back into service.


American Homeowner Preservation remains keenly aware of our dual missions, which are our social mission to keep families in their homes and our financial mission to deliver compelling returns to our investors. American Homeowner Preservation will not simply let families live for free in their homes indefinitely. The reality is that many of these families yearn for permanent solutions to their personal housing crises and have worked diligently on modifications with banks, which have typically proven impotent in administering borrower solutions.


A prompt consensual solution is typically the greatest social and financial result. Nevertheless, faced with the option of modifying a loan to keep a family in their home or realizing a greater return by foreclosing, American Homeowner Preservation will always opt to keep the family in their home. In the aggregate, this strategy yields greater financial returns as American Homeowner Preservation avoids the time and expense of the protracted foreclosure litigation which bedevils many banks. Borrowers want solutions which make sense, and American Homeowner Preservation offers these voluntarily without being prodded by litigation.

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