Foreclosure Filings Experience First Quarterly Increase Since 2011

Published on October 20th, 2014 by AHP Administrator released its Foreclosure Market Report this week which indicated 317,171 foreclosure filings took place in the third quarter, a 0.42% increase from the second quarter. This is the first quarterly increase in foreclosure filings since 2011 with the states of North Carolina, Oregon and New Jersey experiencing the largest increase in scheduled foreclosure auctions. The report also shows that Florida continues to struggle with foreclosures as 1 out of every 434 properties is in some phase of the process, the highest rate in the nation.

As our country as a whole climbs back towards pre-housing bubble foreclosure levels, statistics show that there are thousands of people who still need assistance and many regions where things are getting worse. Here at AHP, we are nearing the completion of purchasing our largest pool of distressed mortgages to date. The distressed loans AHP is acquiring in its latest pool, Opportunity 2014A, are spread across 29 states, allowing us to make an impact in many different communities.

While AHP’s first goal is to keep borrowers in their homes and avoid foreclosure, we also specialize in selling vacant REO properties. Ridding communities of vacant properties mitigates blight and havens for crime, but also adds new homeowners to stimulate economic growth in these areas as well. Monique King-Viehland, director of the department of Housing and Economic Development for the city of Trenton, NJ told, “The growing number of vacant properties in the city of Trenton has emerged as a major impediment to economic growth.”

Daren Blomquist, Vice President of Realtytrac stated, “A recent rise in scheduled foreclosure auctions in many markets across the country shows lenders are continuing to clean house of lingering delinquent loans. This rise in scheduled auctions foreshadows a corresponding rise in bank repossessions and auction sales to third party buyers in the coming months.”

Backed by investors who choose to make a social impact with their finances, AHP is continuing to rebuild and strengthen the nation after the housing crisis. AHP accomplishes this mission by providing loan modifications, reducing principal balances, executing deed in lieu of foreclosure transactions and selling REO properties to new families. As many community organizers have protested HUD’s sale of distressed mortgage pools because buyers are not focusing on community stabilization, we invite them to take a look at our proven model and the differences we have made for countless families over the years.

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