It’s A Great Day to Save Homes

Published on February 15th, 2011 by Saeed Baeshen

This is a new era in American Homeowner Preservation history. This is AHP‘s first blog post. I am sure they will get better from here. I know you are probably just trying to figure out what on earth American Homeowner Preservation is. Well I am going to explain it, so everyone can understand. AHP is designed for families, and now as you may have heard churches, who are going into foreclosure. We exist so that families who want to stay in their homes can. With the economy the way it has been, it is very difficult for some families to make payments on their very high mortgages. We come in negotiate a short sale with your lender, find an investor to purchase your home for that price and then rent it back to you with the intent on you buying the home back within 1 to 5 years. Everyone is probably thinking the same thing now…”How much does it cost?”

Answer: Nothing.

We are designed to help save you money in the long run. So if this sounds like you or if you would like to learn more about us then please click on our name: American Homeowner Preservation.

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