March 2014 Employee of the Month: Michael Nelson

Published on April 3rd, 2014 by AHP Administrator

Michael Nelson receives the employee of the month award from last month’s winner Laura Sorg

Michael was nominated by his co-workers at AHP in recognition of his commitment to quality in carrying out job responsibilities, positive attitude toward work responsibilities, exemplary individual achievement, and inspiration and support of others.

Started with AHP:
Michael joined AHP in October 2012 after earning his B.A. in history from North Park University in Chicago.

What excited you most when joining AHP?
“The prospect of working in this politically charged and relevant field of housing finance was really interesting to me.”

Role at AHP:
Michael’s current role as Senior Asset Manager includes guiding AHP’s properties from acquisition through various forms of disposition, training and working with interns, and creating training guides for AHP procedures.
In guiding AHP’s assets, Michael works with the homeowners whose mortgages AHP has purchased in order to find the best resolution, whether it be a loan modification, a discounted loan settlement, or died in lieu of foreclosure. Michael’s hard work in balancing his responsibilities with AHP was one of the reasons his colleagues nominated him for this award.

Quotes from Coworkers:
“Michael is able to manage and oversee the other asset managers while still stay in the pack as far as number of his own personal dispositions. He is able to take time out to complete projects on all the asset managers’ behalf and still close on a fair number for himself.”
“He has created protocol for the rest of the asset managers, creating systems for them to follow as he figures out the simplest solutions to obstacles as they arise on each asset in each county.”

Outside of AHP some of Michael’s hobbies include reading, writing, and hanging out with friends. He likes reading about history of science and non-fiction. Currently, Michael is reading a work in ethnography in French administrative law. “It sounds really boring and it’s hard, but it’s really interesting.”


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